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Collective Metrics (CM) is an online network of donors, nonprofits, foundations, community members and energetic movers'n shakers. We bring people together to collaborate on community projects, share best practices and track progress. The platform offers robust project management and data collection tools that are designed for measuring your organization's impact.
The Collective Metrics "Form Builder" allows you to collect any data point that is relevant to your organization. Simply build that question into your form. We believe a good data collection policy revolves around consistency, so we encourage you to build a set of standard forms that will be used on a reoccuring basis. Use Collective Metrics as the central repository for all your surveying and reporting.
Many organizations use standard forms for tracking volunteer hours, as well as event/meeting attendance. Customer satifaction surveys are also very common. We've seen food kitchens track inventory, and neighboorhood associations collect housing demographic data using Collective Metrics. We encourage you to search the network for other organizations working in your industry, and see what forms they've built. It's all accessible for free.
At Collective Metrics we believe that data transparecny is critical for growth and collaboration. That's why groups, projects, forms and reports are set to "Public", where they are visible to any user on the platform. But we understand that you may need to keep some internal information private. In order to change your privacy settings, simply navigate to your admin panel and select "Settings". From the settings tab, toggle the "Public" switch to "Private", and press "Save". This process can be repeated for any group, project, form or report.
Collective Metrics is an open network. That means you're free to connect with thousands of other individuals and organizations that are using the platform. CM is a great tool for discovering new leads, commnunicating with stakeholders and connecting with donors. We're also giving you the project management and surveying tools to leverage this network effectively (for free).

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